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Emilio Pucci Satin Evening Mindanao Print Bag

What a blast from the past. I haven't seen anyone carrying a Pucci bag in forever! But this Emilio Pucci Satin Evening Mindanao Print Bag will certainly remind you that yes, Pucci is still here, and still making bags (among other things) that are cute and functional. Who would ever think that an evening bag could be functional? I mean,
stores that sell christian louboutin, evening bags are practically made to only carry lip gloss, a credit card,
christian louboutin rantus orlato, and if you're lucky, a tiny cell phone.

Clearly, this bag is still pretty small, but what makes it functional is the built-in mirror that has its own tiny compartment at the base of the bag. I don't know about you, but I've never seen something like this, especially in an evening bag,
christian louboutin italy, and I consider it pretty innovative. The sepearate compartment also gives the bag an interesting shape,
christian louboutin boot, as if it's one of those beach sacks, but much smaller and much fancier. And of course, the bag is in the traditional Pucci print; it's pretty cool to know that the pattern on your bag is one that has been around for centuries. Buy through Saks for $1,
christian louboutin shoes for less,495.

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Longchamp Large Tote

Longchamp Large Tote

There has been speculation that the handbag bubble will burst; meaning the pricey bags will finally hit the top and the handbag world we live in will crumble apart. While I do believe people have their limits,
christian louboutin blake, I think true handbag lovers will continue to buy bags. But for those that only want a handbag to tote around,
barneys christian louboutin, that really do not care for it to be all leather, the Longchamp Large Tote is an ideal signature tote from this French brand. Their signature tote sports lightweight nylon with a leather snap flap and shoulder straps. This bag truly is the ideal everyday bag, good for rain or snow, sun or shine. Even better is the fact that you can roll this bag up for storage,
on sale christian louboutin, it will literally take about 6 cubic inches of storage space. For me,
christian louboutin rolando hidden-platform pump, this handbag would work perfectly to take to the gym or beach. Dimensions are 19»W x 12½H x 7»D. Available in beige, chocolate,
christian louboutin in new york, and deep-red; buy through Saks for $135.

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Day 3: Bottega Veneta Home

♪ On the third day of Bottega Veneta we will treat your house with items for both you and your spouse ♪

Always better late than never! Our third day of BV brings items from the Bottega Veneta Home Line. That is right — not only can you wear and carry Bottega Veneta, you can also use it to accent your home. Two of our favorite picks are the BV Uniform Intrecciato Book End and the BV Intrecciato Vaglia Clock.

For your home library or any place you are looking to store books,
christian louboutin black pump, the BV Book End will bring you a familiar woven Intrecciato leather with a handbag-like handle accent. This item makes a great gift for the lucky guy or gal who has everything. Buy through Bottega Veneta for $700.

Our next pick is a handy travel item,
christian louboutin decollete pump. The Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Vaglia Clock features a Swiss made clock with an alarm function. The case is 10cm when open and 7cm when closed. The nifty part of this travel clock is the sleek body which is covered in intrecciato leather,
christian louboutin montreal. Buy through Bottega Veneta for $1200,
christian louboutin blue wedding shoes.

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Hogan Small Fringed Shopper

After the busy week of business, I have some time to get back to you all,
christian louboutin shoes canada, and of course the bags! Miss me? Vlad kept you all up to date on some bags bits,
authentic christian louboutin shoes, and now I'd love to show off some beauties to you. Although I may be a little late on this beauty,
christian louboutin classic pump, I don't want to leave it out. The Hogan Small Fringed Shopper has made quite a splash in the world of fashion. Usually I am not one to love fringed bags (remember that McQueen horror?),
christian louboutin rollerboy spikes, but this bag features a classy shape which is able to perfectly show off the perfect accenting two-tiered suede fringe. The bag is trimmed in metallic leather and the bulk of the body sports gray suede fringe with perfectly accenting tonal hardware. The shoulder straps with their cute rings add the perfect finishing touch. Available in gold leather with brown suede or silver leather with gray suede, buy this 'yay' fringe bag at Bergdorf Goodman for $745.

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If her $14,000 croc bag wasn it your thing, Victoria Beckham also offers regular leather

We've already covered the monstrously priced crocodile shoulder bag from Posh Spice's neophyte handbag line, and the response was almost unanimous: While it might be a nice bag,
christian louboutin black patent pumps, $14,
christian louboutin espadrille wedge,000 is a lot to pay for something from a brand new company of any sort, let alone one that bears the precarious designation of being a celebrity clothing line.

That bag was on the high end of the collection's price point, though,
christian louboutin fifi 100, and the Victoria Beckham Leather and Nubuck Shoulder Bag seems to be much more typical of what we should expect from the ex-Spice Girl's accessories. With a $2600 price tag, it's nowhere near as expensive as its croc cousin, but still mighty spendy for most people. What say you?

There's nothing wrong with this bag, per se, but I also don't see anything to justify a $2600 price tag. As I mentioned about Vicky B.'s croc bag, pricing a little high is better than pricing a little low for a new line,
authentic christian louboutin shoes, but delivering on the expectations that those kinds of numbers create is also important. For a thousand dollars less,
christian louboutin shoes sale online, I'd love this bag. As it is, I'll pass. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2600.

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Net-A-Porter Sale Continues

After a busy weekend with the family, I am somewhat back into the swing of things now. I find myself constantly checking back to find what bag I must have that is so reasonable now that it is finally on sale. My behind is sore from kicking it over missing two of my favorite clutches,
decollete christian louboutin, so now I am going to try to re-justify all of this by making a larger purchase. Two designer handbags that have my eye today are the Miu Miu Nappa Leather Bag and the Fendi Patent Leather B Bag. Surprisingly,
christian louboutin leopard sneakers, the Miu Miu bag caught my fancy at Saks the other day. It is light and fluffy so to speak and the optional across body strap is perfect for everyday use. It is a thin strap, so don't carry everything but the kitchen sink in the bag and expect the strap to hold. But I really was delighted with the way the bag fit. As far as the Fendi Patent Leather B Bag goes I am a huge fan of this bag and the pink patent leather has my girly side head-over-heels in love. Both are marked down and both are calling my name at the NAP Sale.

Miu Miu Nappa Leather Bag is $1011 via Net a Porter. The Fendi Patent Leather B Bag is $1225 via Net A Porter,
christian louboutin online outlet.

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Reese Witherspoon Shops with a Mini Saint Laurent Bag

Here's Reese Witherspoon, looking particularly Reese Witherspoon-esque while shopping on Montana Boulevard in LA. She's carrying a petite, black Saint Laurent Micro Sac de Jour Bag, and those gorgeous fuchsia suede sandals aren't bad either. (If you know who made them,
christian louboutin pumps on sale, let us know in the comments.) You can find Reese's bag at Nordstrom for the not-so-petite price of $1,995. (If you need a little more room than a Micro provides, the "Small" Sac de Jour starts at $2,550.)

At the rate Reese goes,
christian louboutin rollerboy spikes, I feel like we could write a new "Many Bags" about her every three months. It seems she buys bags at the same clip many of us buy lattes. In any case,
brown thomas christian louboutin, a third and possibly fourth edition are certainly already warranted. If you need to catch up, check out "The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon" and "The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon,
christian louboutin black patent pumps, Part 2."





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Tory Burch Valentine is Day Collaboration

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am thrilled! Not only am I a sucker for a day devoted to telling those close to you that you love them, but also my anniversary is a week later. February really is a month filled with love. One of our favorite designers, Tory Burch, teamed up with renowned artist Leanne Shapton to design an exclusive collection of items for Valentine's Day. The collection is made up of cosmetic cases,
christian louboutin wedding, totes and pajama sets.

The collaboration resulted in two prints, the watercolor Tory logo and the lips prints. Both are done in hues of red,
christian louboutin fifi 100, perfectly suited for Valentine's day. My pick goes to the lips print (I ordered the pajama set yesterday!) though the watercolor Tory print has a colorful whimsical touch.

The tote is perfect to use for multiple occasions. The body of the bag is canvas with leather trim. On the inside there are two interior pockets. The cosmetic case makes for a great gift as well! It is also canvas with leather trim and a cut out logo at the center.

Buy the totes via Tory Burch for $195 and cosmetic cases for $55,
christian louboutin prorata.

The pajama sets I adore! I have always had an affinity to long arm and leg button up pj sets. All I want to do is wear my pajamas and sit in front of a fire with a mug of hot chocolate. AMAZING. The pajama sets are 100% cotton.

Buy via Tory Burch for $125.

Log on Valentine's Day for an exclusive follow up to this post,
christian louboutin blue sole!

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Learn To Love Designer Backpacks - They ire Not Going Anywhere

There comes a point in a trend at which resistance is futile. At that point,
christian louboutin shoe boots, even if you don't like or understand the trend and don't intend to spend any of your own personal dollars following it, you're at least going to have to put up with encountering it regularly for the foreseeable future. Ladies,
christian louboutin wedges uk, we're at that point with designer backpacks. It's time to expend your righteous aesthetic anger elsewhere, because it won't do you any good here.

Admittedly, I like backpacks in many instances. I said as much back when we first predicted the trend in February, and now that more and more designers (especially more premier-level designers) are introducing their version of the classic shape, there's even more to love. We've assembled 10 that might appeal even to ardent backpack skeptics, but my favorite is Phillip Lim's iteration - perfectly minimal, perfectly luxurious and less than a third of the price of The Row's already-famous backpack.

A quick tip: this is not the bag you want to be carrying in the dead of summer because it'll stick whatever you're wearing to your back sweat,
mens christian louboutin, and that is not a good look. For a summer-fall transition, though, backpacks are a fine choice.


Elizabeth and James Leather Drawstring Sling Backpack

$445 via Neiman Marcus


Christian Louboutin Dompteuse Spiked Backpack

$1,895 via Neiman Marcus


Marni 3-in-1 Convertible Fur Backpack

$2,065 via Neiman Marcus

(Marni's fall collection is actually FULL of great backpacks - this is just a taste.)


Milly Riley Leather Backpack

$350 via Neiman Marcus


Marie Turnor Accessories Bak-Pak

$495 via ShopBop


3.1 Phillip Lim Zip-Around Backpack

$1,100 via ShopBop


Rebecca Minkoff Logan Backpack

$425 via ShopBop


Christopher Kane Embroidered Leather Backpack

christian louboutin lady clou,765 via Net-a-Porter


Alexander Wang Bi-Color Prisma Skeletal Backpack

last season christian louboutin,075 via Saks

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Valentino Ruffled Nappa Hobo

Get ready to be surprised and astounded,
christian louboutin official site, you guys: I've found a Valentino bag about which I am totally and utterly ambivalent. I know this doesn't happen often, so if you feel like you need to take a moment to let that sink in, please go ahead and take one. We'll wait.

You back? Great.

In fact,
christian louboutin lace pumps, I'm having trouble rustling up any thoughts about it at all. However, one continues to reoccur: for two grand,
mens christian louboutin, not only can you get a better bag in general, you can get a far more interesting Valentino bag.

The ruffles are suitably rich and textured, I suppose, and the graduated size from top to bottom is ok. Something about it is just not impressive to me at all, however, and maybe it's because I've seen the brand do ruffles in so many more interesting and intricate ways. Perhaps the problem is that they do such an out-of-the-ballpark job with designs that are much more complex, and in comparison,
christian louboutin pink shoes, it's hard to celebrate their ability to pull off something so comparatively simple. Buy through Saks for $1995.

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